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Real Property

Wise and Associates has the knowledge, expertise, and experience to meet your real property litigation needs.

Our lawyers represent buyers, sellers, landlords, brokers, developers, commercial tenants, landowners and other real estate clients on a broad range of real property litigation matters. Given the scope of our construction litigation practice and the many issues and disputes that are common to both of these practice areas, our clients benefit from an exceptional depth of understanding of all real property matters.

At Wise & Associates, our real property experience includes but is not limited to latent and patent defects, undisclosed conditions, infestations, zoning disputes, specific performance, nuisance and failed closings. Our team can also be counted on for timely, effective action related to mortgage enforcement, commercial leasing disputes, resulting and constructive trusts, and boundary, easement and access disputes.

We have represented clients before all levels of the courts in Ontario and Canada. Furthermore, we offer mediation services, as needed. 

Real Property Litigation Services

Latent and Patent Defects
Undisclosed Conditions
Commercial Leasing Disputes
Boundary, Easement and Access Disputes
Specific Performance
Resulting and Constructive Trusts
Failed Closings
Zoning Disputes
Mortgage Enforcement



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