We Are A Boutique Law Firm focused on Construction and Real Property Disputes


Our Firm

Located in Toronto’s Yorkville District, Wise and Associates provides highly reputable civil litigation services in the areas of construction, real property, and more. 

Smart, committed, and respected, our premier litigators are relentless advocates and sophisticated advisors. Leveraging more than 50 years of combined experience, our litigators instill confidence in our clients and have built our reputation by helping businesses and individuals navigate complex and cutting-edge litigation in order to achieve the results they seek.

We believe that personal attention is key to solid relationships and outstanding outcomes. 

We are proud to deliver high level of care and precision as well as high caliber results. When clients ask us for support, we respond in a timely manner, regardless of urgency. In cases of emergency, we take immediate action. When our lawyers are occupied in court, our experienced law clerks always rise to the occasion and can be counted on to respond and act with excellent judgement.

Our lawyers’ recommendations and actions never fail to serve the best interests of our clients. If and when our clients veer off course, they trust we are here to help them get back on track. Helping businesses and individuals navigate construction and real property litigation with ease and expertise is our number one priority. 
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